About Stevensville Sabre Soccer:

The Stevensville Sabre Soccer Club began operation in 1994, under the leadership of Ralph Serrette, a native son of Trinidad and Tobago.  The sole purpose for forming the organization was to prepare young adults for High School soccer competition.  To this day, the club continues to hold high school soccer preparation as its #1 priority.   Personal growth in athletics, sharing and providing travel opportunities for young adults hold equal importance.  It is the ultimate goal of the coaches to structure practices with an aim of developing tactical concepts of the game , as the players continue to enhance their technical abilities.

The Stevensville Sabres Club is a member of the Montana Youth Soccer Association which offers competition in three  divisions:  Premier, Select and Big Sky League.  Over the years, the Stevensville Sabres has competed, successfully in each of the above mentioned State Programs.  Stevensville Sabres U-18 Girls’ Team captured the State Division Title, Select Division in 2013. The Stevensville U12- and U13 boys’ teams have also won their respective divisions at the State Level.

The Stevensville Sabres Soccer Club serves the communities of Stevensville, Lone Rock and Florence. The small community base governs the number of divisions offered, each year. The club started with a single U-19 boys team, expanded to a high of five teams in various divisions (boys and girls).  In Spring 2018, the Club will offer three divisions  (U16 boys, Select, U14 boys, Select, and U12 boys, Select).   The highlight of the Spring Season is the “Annual Spring Classic “Kick-off” Tournament” which is held, ea ch year in late March.  The date for the tournament varies slightly, from year to year due to changes in the dates for High School Spring Break.

Ralph Serrette is the President, Referee Assignor, the Registrar, Referee Coordinator and the Referee Instructor  for the Stevensville Sabre Soccer Organization.  He can be reached at: (406) 274 – 7764 or email: soccer3020@bresnan.net

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